2017 General Election Diary day 10: In Particular Town, vote Conservative Candidate!

So, here’s the Prime Minister not even knowing the name of the town she’s just done one of her speeches to the (carefully vetted and filtered to ensure no dangerous opinions are let in the room) public:

When your minders take you to an empty factory for a photo shoot but forget to tell you where it is…#GE2017 pic.twitter.com/qjacApA6Xh

— David Cameroon (@davecameroon) April 28, 2017

Will ‘this particular time’ become the Miliband’s bacon sandwich of this election campaign? Don’t be silly, ‘man looks a bit weird in one of the dozens of photos we’ve taken of him eating’ is much more important than ‘everything about the Prime Minister’s campaign is staged for the cameras’.

In other news, there was a big social media campaign for an event that told people if they backed it they could have an amazing time with all sorts of wonderful things from around the world coming to them. So, they backed it, and the event actually happened, only for it to dawn on people that the promises of amazing things were pretty hollow, there was no plan for delivering any of them, and now people had this thing they were told would be wonderful, they were going to be stuck on an island with no way to get off it.

Anyway, that was the Fyre Festival (aka all those ‘Santa’s Winter Wonderland was just a deer in a field’ stories you see ever November, but targeted at the ‘rich kids of Instagram’ demographic) which bears absolutely no resemblance to any of the issues around this election.

In other unrelated news, it turns out that when your national media neglects to mention that the Very Real Concerns and Economic Anziety candidate in an election is actually a fascist, people who vote based on Very Real Concerns and Economic Anxiety will back the fascist over the centrist.

Back to things that are definitely to do with this election and some good news for Theresa May as the circular firing squad forgets about the minor ceasefire prospect floated over the last few days and begins eagerly rearming. Lewes Green Party prove that the Greens have just as many ‘the good must be destroyed to allow the perfect to come forward, as that definitely always works’ types as the Liberal Democrats and Labour. While UKIP are withdrawing all over the place to help Conservative Brexiteers (and Kate Hoey) get elected, at least we’ll always have our wonderfully unsullied ideological purity to keep us warm at night.

Before I get too annoyed, let’s turn to Election Leaflet Of The Day, which yet again is a rotten borough with just one candidate put forward. Step forward Labour’s Andy Slaughter, MP for Hammersmith with this letter to constituents urging them to sign up for a postal vote. Standard election campaigning there, with nothing to mock, so I’m going to break my own rules and point to a Scottish local election candidate promising to work hard to get the local council to deliver services for his community. Nothing unusual there, you might think, until you see he’s a Scottish Libertarian Party candidate, and you think he’d be calling on the free market rather than the council to solve those problems.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll be searching for any Greens For Global Warming candidates.

Originally published at www.nickbarlow.com on April 28, 2017.

Many, many things. PhD student at QMUL. Councillor. Ran the 2019 London Marathon for Brain Research UK. @nickjbarlow on Twitter.

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